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Kulathoopuzha Dharma Sastha temple

Kulathoopuzha Dharma Sastha temple
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   Kulathoopuzha is situated in the Trivandrum- Chankottai road .  The temple is built on a river island.  The deity is temple is called  Manikandan. People believe the original temple was built by the Pandya king  who was  the foster   father of Ayyappan. The peculiarity of this temple is that    seven  stones enclosed in a metal jacket  is worshipped as God here.  
     It seems one Bragmin devotee was returning from Rameswaram Pilgrimage   and happen to take rest near the river bank here.  It seems he ordered  his serbvants to prepare food for him,. With an intention of making a make shift stow  , those servants first spotted a big stone and collected two stones   to make a Stow.  But the fixed stone was taller than their gathered stones. So they kept those two stones on two other stones. But to  their surprise, the fixed stone grew further tall.  Then  thinking of fixing it, They hit the fixed stone with one of those gathered stone. It seems immediately blood started flowing from the big stone. They summoned their master .That Brahmin sprinkled the sacred waters   collected from Rameswaram on that stone  and the bleeding stopped. It seems then Lord Ayyappa appeared before the Brahmin in the form of a child and requested    him to build a temple for him there.    The king of KOttarajara under whose jurisdiction , that spot fell arranged  to build a temple there  .The devotees worship the God as  the boy Manikandan.
   Feeding the fishes   in the river   is the most important form of worship at this temple. It seems a girl lost her golden ring  in the river. The fishermen could recover the ring from the fish in the river  surrounding the temple and so fish feeding became a popular form of worship.   There is a Nagraja consecrated at this temple. Couples with children come and worship this Nagaraja and pray for child birth.

    The festival of Vishnu in the medam month and the following four    days are celebrated as a festival   in this temple.

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