Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Guruvayur is not a divya desam?

Why  Guruvayur  is not a  divya  desam?

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Divya desams    are those temples  where  Azhvars  have done  Mangala Sasanam (In simple words, have sung about the temple)  . Kerala.
   There  are  13  Divya desams  in Kerala. Out of the 12 Azhvars   only two azhvars   have visted   these  temples,One of them is  Nammazhvar   whose  mother  came from Kerala and the  other  is Thirumangai Azhvar who has  sung in eighty  of the  108  Divya desams.
  In one  of the  notes  published  in  Oppiliappan  web site  it is mentioned that  Azhvars    did not  sing about  any temple where  God is there  without the Goddess .Guruvayur being  a temple  where  God  is there  without the  Goddess , they did not visit that  temple. I checked up and found  that  in all the  13 Divya desams  of Kerala , goddess  is also consecrated  in those  temples.

   I thought     this  information would be interesting to my friends.  

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