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Why Guruvayur is not a divya desam?

Why  Guruvayur  is not a  divya  desam?

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Divya desams    are those temples  where  Azhvars  have done  Mangala Sasanam (In simple words, have sung about the temple)  . Kerala.
   There  are  13  Divya desams  in Kerala. Out of the 12 Azhvars   only two azhvars   have visted   these  temples,One of them is  Nammazhvar   whose  mother  came from Kerala and the  other  is Thirumangai Azhvar who has  sung in eighty  of the  108  Divya desams.
  In one  of the  notes  published  in  Oppiliappan  web site  it is mentioned that  Azhvars    did not  sing about  any temple where  God is there  without the Goddess .Guruvayur being  a temple  where  God  is there  without the  Goddess , they did not visit that  temple. I checked up and found  that  in all the  13 Divya desams  of Kerala , goddess  is also consecrated  in those  temples.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Vellore Manakkapady Nagaraja temple

Vellore Manakkapady  Nagaraja   temple

Aswathy Girijan

Sree Nagaraja Temple Velloor Manakkapdy (Kottayam district, Kerala) is famous for its disease curing effects and it can also be described as a land of miracles. The mighty lord NAGARAJA and the omnipotent NAGAYAKSHIYAMMA are the principal deites of this temple along with Sarpayakshiyamma, Ashtanagas, Bhadrakali....

Sree Nagaraja Temple
Velloor, Manakkapady
Karicode P.O, Kottayam
Contact: 9495960702
email : vellormanakapadynagarajatemple@gmail.com

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vellamaserry Garudan kavu. Alathiyur

Vellamaserry   Garudan kavu. Alathiyur

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      This is perhaps the only temple    for Garuda in Kerala and is situated   near Alathiyur of Malappuram district .This is again one of those temples  where people with Sarpa dosha worship in Kerala. It has got a very interesting   story behind it.
 It seems a great sage did Thapas  addressed to Lord Vishnu in this spot and when Lord Vishnu came, he wanted to know the ways and means of getting   salvation from human birth. Lord Garuda   flew to  this spot and sat there   to hear the elucidation given by Lord Vishnu. Later temples were built for Lord Vishnu and Lord Garuda   at this spot.
There is also another interesting story abut its origin. It seems once the famous Perum thachan made an idol of Garuda which was almost throbbing with life.The B Vettathu Nadu king very much desired to see it alive.Perumthachan it seems replied that , the Garuda   would become alive   if a very virtuous wife touches it,When Raja doubted it Perum Thachan’s wife came and touched  the statue and it came to life.It flew and landed near the Lord Krishna  temple at this spot Which had Lord Vishnu in Koormavathara. There the temple was built to Lord Garuda facing  the west .The name of the place  became Vella Aama Sery (The place of white Tortoise) ,
“The temple complex grew later substantially. Sankara Narayana and Shiva prathisthas facing the east came up. On the left of Lord Garuda, one can worship today Veettekkaran and Kartha Veeryarjunan. Vishnu and Sankara Narayanan have Namaskara Mandapa. Vishnu has a balippura on the south as well. At west one can pray Sastha, Bhagavathy, Ganapthy and Bhadra Kali. There is a gopuram at the west and a deepasthambham inside. The large and serene temple pond on the south adds to the pride of this temple. There is also daily pooja in the temple.”
   Special offerings at this temple are made   for getting rid of skin diseases, Breathing difficulties , Leucoderma besides snake bite . Farmers also pray Lord Garuda to prevent  damage to their crops due to birds.Normally friuits with tender coconuts  are offered to Lord Garuda. A special offering is the Manja Payasam All Sundays are important at the temple   especially the Mandala Kalam  of Lord ayyappa.
The address and phone number of the temple is given below :-
Vellamassery Devaswom - Shri Garudan Kavu Kshethram,
P.O Allathiyur, Pin - 676 102
Call Us
Phone: 0494 - 2426181 (Office)
Mob: +91 - 9388818948 (Trustee Chairman), +91 9496129246 (Manager)