Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perungottu kavu Bhagawathi temple

Perungottukavu Bhagavathi Temple
Sthala Puranam:
Once a king (Some say the king was Samoothiri Raja who was ruling Malabar in the
olden days) wanted to have darshan of his favourite Goddess and did severe Thapas.
After worshipping for many years, the Bhagavathi, pleased with his devotion, decided to
fulfill his wishes and asked the king to follow her by the sound of her anklets. The
Bhagavathi told him that the moment he utters a word she would freeze at the place and
the king would get only a partial darshan of Goddess. He followed her for quite a long
time and got the partial darshans of the Goddess in the different forms of sound, hands,
above breast and legs. Not satisfied with these partial darshan he followed her further to
get a full darshan. After a long time he got poorna darshan of Bhagavathy at the slopes
of Thenmala (part of Western Ghats)at Perungottukavu. After that the king attained
Present Form:
Here the Bhagavathi is in a sitting position with left leg folded and right leg kept on the
peetam. Till 2002 the idol was of stone and was 2 feet high. In 2002 puna: prathishta was
done and the present Dharu silpam was placed. This idol is approximately 4 feet in height
and the Goddess holds a Thrisoolam in right upper hand, sword in right lower hand, the
severed head of the asura in left upper hand and plate in left lower hand.
Inside the garbhagriha to the right side of the main deity is Ganapathy. Ganesha is visible
only if the devotees view from the side. Then we can see the oil lamp inside and this is
worshipped as Ganapathy. In the inner prakaram in the South West corner Ayyappa’s
prathishta is there. When we do outer pradakshinam, in the North-West corner, Nagas
are also there.
Festivals :
In the Karitakamasam, Laksharchana is conducted in a big way for two days. Ganapathi
homam, Kalasa pooja, Laksharchana, Sandya Deepam, elephant procession and
kalasabhishekam are done on the first day. On the second day also Ganapathi homam,
Kalasa pooja and Laksharchana, are done followed by Kalasam procession on elephant
alongwith Panchvadyam , Nadaswaram etc and this ends with kalasabhishekam. Later
annadhanam is organised. On the first 12 days in Karkitakamasam special poojas are
done every year.Also Bhagavathisevas are done in this masam.On the first Friday of all
Malayala masams (Mupattu velliyazhcha) Devi namajapam and annadhanam are
Management: The temple affairs are looked after by Eralpadu Raja and his manager,
Karyasthan etc. The present executive officer is Sri Jayadevan Raja.
Important vazhipadu:
Ganapathy Homam, Trikala Pooja, Kadumadhura Payasam, Bhavathiseva, Annadhanam,
Neyyappam (evening only),Nei Vilakku, Thechimala Rakthapushpanjali, Kadhana vedi
Timings :
Sunday, Tuesday & Friday - 5.30 AM to 12 Noon & 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM.
Other days : 6.00 AM to 9.00AM & 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM.
Address :
Trustee / Manager,
Perugottu kavu Dewaswom,
Kizhakkumuri P.O.,
Via Nemmara, Dist.Palakkad, Kerala.
Tel : 04923 – 266399 / 266431.
How to reach:
The temple is situated at Kizhakkumuri , near Elavancherry. The Perungottukavu Bus
Stop is on the Pollachi – Thrissur main Road. It is in between Kollengode(7 Kms )and
Nemmara. Buses from Palakkad – (20 Kms from Palakkad )- to Nemmara, Pothundi
Dam (Via Kollengode) are going through this place. Also Pollachi-Thrissur, Kollengode-
Nemmara, Govindapuram- Thrissur buses are available from Kollengode Ayyappan
Kavu Bus stop. After getting down on the main road, you need to walk one Km towards
south through the panchayat road to reach the temple. The temple is accessible by taxi or
auto-riksha from Kollengode.
Siva temple :
One KM from the Bhagavathy temple, ancient Siva temple is there in Elavanchery
belonging to the same management. This temple is under renovation.


  1. namaste, I am lakshmi from Pune. our kuladevi is Bhagavati. I just wanted to know whether is the mother bhagavathi angry or shanthaa? because in the photo i see her eyes wide open.


  3. kindly request to you that i need perungottukavu bahvathi amma songs please 6 years back i was purchased audio cassets at temple but i need as like mp3 file, if you have please send to me.

    perungottukavu bahavathi amma my mother won god

    my house name puthuto house

    my name remesh babu, my mother kammachi ammal,


  4. I am Ravishankar from Coimbatore , on the blessings of bagavathy amma i am writing this kindly inform the festival month for the bagavathy [tamil month] and approximate date of
    events since i would like to participate in the
    function. I am the deveotee of bagavathy amma...and my kuladaivam also bagavathy.

  5. I am Lakshmi kumar from bangalore... Peringottu Kavu Bhagavathy ammai is the pratyaksha devi & kulladeivam of my family. I want to inform that, she always take care of people once if we just think about her with full-heart... its proven alot of times in my family... so just trust and keep praying AMME NARAYANA...DEVI NARAYANA...LAKSHMI NARAYANA...BHADRE NARAYANA... RUDHRE NARAYANA... DURGAE NARAYANA... SHAKTI NARAYANA...

  6. The Words "Amme-Narayana" etc are used only with reference to chothanikkara , where is believed that there is a prathishta of Bhagawathi along with Narayana. In all other Bhagawathi temples, the prathishta is of Bhagawathi only

  7. Perungottu kavu amme is my kuladevi. She is blessed me in life and saved me from lot of troubles and given my good life and ponarjenma
    When I started praying her from 2004 to till now and my life time
    Without ammae kirubha I won’t be in this earth now.
    once if we just think about her with full-heart... its proven alot of times in my family

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