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Kodumbu Kalyana Subramanya temple

Kodumbu Kalyana   Subramanya temple

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  This temple  is situated 5 km from Palakkad town. On the Chithur Palghat road  on the banks of Sokanasini river. It has the second tallest Raja Gopura    among all temples in Kerala. The temple has an interesting story behind it,  A group of Tamil merchants belonging to the SEngutha mudaliyar caste , it seems were regularly coming to do business in Kerala and settled down in Kodumbu. They used to  go to Avinasi town to sell cloths, Once when they wwere going , they head voice from the bush near Kozhi mampatti village telling them , “I also will come’.. I also will come.” Though they tried their best to locate the source of that voice, they were not able to. During the bext trip same thing happened. They searched thoroughly  , they found a Subramanya statue along with Valli and Devayanai inditch.  That Statue told them, “I want to come with you and I would protect all of you.”.They took the idol with reverence and kept it on the cloth bundle on the back of a bullock. Suddenly the bullock disappeared .Though they searched they could not find it but when they reached their homes. They found the bullock carrying the statue.. They started worshipping the god.   After several years they wanted to build a temple for that god.,  The local administrator  at that  time was one  Kurror Mana Nambuthiripad.He allotted them a place inside the shiva temple    to build their temple.The temple was built . The poojari I of shiva temple during those   dat ys was   one Achuthan Namboodiri. He insisted that the pooja should be performed according to the Agama followed in Kerala and the Mudaliars were not prepared for it  .The kurror Mana Nambudiripad asked the Malayali side as well as Tamil side to keep a Kumbha  at the northern gate of the tewmple and asked the Nambudiris to lift the pot kep by the Tamil side  .They were not able to.Manikka Vachakar the great Saivite saint  who represented the Mudaliars easily lifted   the pot kept by Nambudiris. So it was decided that  the pooja in Subramanya temple would be according to Tamil Agama and that of the Shiva temple  following the Kerala Agama. This is being followed to day. In Thirupugazh Arunagiri nadhar sys   that “KOdumbu” is half of Pazhani..Devotees believe that if a devotee takes bath in the Soka Nasini river, all his sorrows would fly away. The Sthala Vruksha of the temple  is a Champaka tree, The temple is open from 5,30 Am   to 12 noon and  from 4.30 Pm to  8Pm .There are special poojas conducted at the temple   during Pradosham,  Karthika , Sashti    and Thiruonam. The Brahothsavam of the temple is conducted during Thai Poosam.


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