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The list of 108 Sastha temples consecrated by Lord Parasurama in Kerala and brief note of Sabarimala temple

The list of  108  Sastha temples  consecrated by Lord  Parasurama in Kerala and brief note  of  Sabarimala temple


Lord Parasurama   who  was the founder of  Kerala is supposed   to have   consecrated   108  , Sastha(Not Ayyappa)  temples in Kerala. The list is given below. 
List of 108 Sastha Temples in Kerala
The present Sabarimala temple   is one of them. .It is believed prince Ayyappa  of Pandalam   ,  after   refusing to become king of Pandalam is supposed to have come to this ancient temple  of Lord Sastha   and meditated here. As he was an incarnation of  God Sastha, he became  one with the idol at the   temple . That is  possibky the reason   that this temple   is called   as  a temple  of Lord Ayyappa as   well as the temple of Sastha .
 According to Legends  Dharma Sastha , the Bhootha  nadha  rode on an elephant with  staff, rope , goad  anf spear, while Lord Ayyappa rode on a black tiger   and was armed  with bow and arrow.. It is believed that  Lord Ayyappa  was originally having 18   weapons , which he left as 18 steps before   entering the Sastha temple. In that temple he has only two hands is unarmed .He wears dress like the sanyasis with dress   going up to just below the knee.By his left hand he shows Chin mudhra and the right hand he folds up to his chest. Very near his temple is the temple of Malika purathamma   , who is the Yakshi who was cursed to become the Rakshasi called Mahishi , Lord Ayyappa had promised her that the year  no First time Ayyappa(Called Kanni ayyappa)   commes to SAbari mala and puts an arrow on the Saram kuthiyal , he will marry her. So every year after the Annual Sabari mala  Pilgrimage is over  , She comes on an elephant to saram Kuthiyal   and  goes back disappointed    as many Kanni Ayyappa has come there. . In her temple compound  , There  is one Kadutha Sami (called Chiriya Kadutha swami)   to guard her. Just below   the Pathinettam Padi   , there are  temples for Vavar   as well  as Another Kadutha Swami   who are supposed to screen the pilgrims    trying to climb the eighteen steps   without observing the required  penance .


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