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Mrudanga Saileswari temple at Muzhakunnu

Mrudanga  Saileswari temple at  Muzhakunnu  ,Thillangeri   Kerala- The goddess   who made  her thieves  helpless

(She is  the only Goddess originating   from Drum in India  )

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      Lord Parasurama   is supposed to have consecrated  108  BHagawathy temples  in Kerala  .Mrudanga Saileswari    also called  as Muzhakunnu BHagawai and and also as  POrkali Bhagawathi is one of them. The temple is  equidistant from   THalasery and  kannur towns of Kerala(both places have railway tations) , though appeoach from Kannur is easier 

     Mrudangam the   accompanying drum of the  carnatic music is supposed   to be the musical   instrument of devas. It seems once it fell down from  deva loka  in  this spot called  Mrudanga Saila  (The hill of Mrudanga) Legend has it that when the mridangam descended on earth from heaven, it was caught by Goddess Bhagavathi Saileshwari – the Aroopi, or the One without form, while she was in meditation, thus creating a pit in the sand, which remains to this day. The dropping of the mridangam onto the Goddess’s hand created echoes in the mountain. Hence, it came to be known as Mizha  kkunnu, which means a mountain  of drums . When one views the mountain from a distance, it appearslike a mridangam..Later  the local king made a  pancha  loha idol and consecrated  it there  .Devotees say  that the  Pancha loha idol   shines like gold

      Since Mrudanga  is called  Mizhavu  in Malayalam, the place   was called as  “Mizhavu kunnu”  (hill of Mizhavu)   initially which got corrupted   later  to become  Muzhakunnu..

      This Goddess  became the clan goddess  of Purali Rajas   who had their kingdom there  .It seems   before they went for a war   they worshipped in this temple  and at that time  , A person representing goddess   would  do a war dance  .War dance  translated  in to malayalam  becomes  “Por Kali”   and the goddess   was also called   as “Porkali  Bhagwathi”

    It is believed   the  Kerala  dance form of Kathakali originated here  and when KOdungallore  thampuran was  finalising it here , he was baffled as to how   the  female characters   should be dressed up.It seems the BHagwathi rose up from the temple tank and showed   him the present dress  of the female characters.

This a well maintained temple and people for all parts of kerala and elsewhere visit this temple for the blessings of DEVI. There is a well constructed pond with water all the time. Food( Prasad) is given to all the devotees who visit this temple , right through the day. There is a ground adjacent to the temple allocated for car parking conveniently. You can feel the devinely vibration while visiting this temple. Men are permitted inside the temple,without shirt only. Mundu( Dhoti) is not compulsory. You can go with the pant also.

     The mrudange Chakravarthy Karaikudi Mani Bhagwathar   has visited   this temple and has written about it.He has written “When I stepped into the temple I felt like Columbus — discovering a temple dedicated to mridangam! I offered my prayers by playing the mridangam in the sannidhi and felt truly blessed. More and more mridangam artists should make a trip to this temple and experience the divine vibrations.”

   Some thieves   tried to steal  the Pancha  loha  idol of the goddess  thrice but every time thety abandoned the goddess   and informed   the police the ; location where theu have left it says   Sri Alexander Jacob  retired DGP   who was working as ACP in Kannur ar  that time. Later  when one group of temple thieves   were caught they confessed that  they tried to steal  the idol of the goddess , they told that  immediately they lost all sense of direction and lost   their power to control their  calls of nature  and so they ran away from that place  baffled and scared
   The temple tree  is a strange  white   banyan tree    ,The darshan and Puja  timings are


Morning hours: 05:00 Am to 01:00 Pm

Evening hours: 05:00 Pm to 08:00 Pm


Usha Pooja @ 08:00 Am [Dawn Prayer]

Uchha Pooja @ 10:30 Am [Noon Prayer]

Atthazha Pooja @: 07:15 Pm [Evening Prayer]

Deeparadhana: Time aligned with Sunset

You can get in touch   with the temple

Muzhakkunnu Mridanga Saileswari Devi Temple
P.O. Muzhakkunnu, Peravoor (via)
Kannur (Dt), Kerala – 670673
Mob : 9400208034, 9400286777


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