Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kaviyur Shiva and Hanuman Temple

Kaviyur Shiva and Hanuman temple
This small village is near is about 5-6 km from Thiruvalla. The Shiva temple here is
about 100 years old. The architecture of the temple is really great. The Shiva in this
temple is not a swayambhu.
There is a story about its consecration. It seems Lord Rama on his way back to
Ayodhya from Sri Lanka, wanted to build a Shiva temple here. So he entrusted the job of
getting a good Shiva Linga to Hanuman. Hanuman who was proud of his capabilities was
late in arriving with a shiva Linga. But by that time the holy time (muhurtha) was passing
away. So Lord Rama took a stone from the neighboring mountain and shaped a Shiva
Linga out of it and consecrated it here. When Hanuman came back, the consecration was
already over. Hanuman was terribly disappointed and realized that his power was granted
to him by Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama requested Hanuman to do Thapas here for some
time. Obeying his words, after the pattabhisheka of Lord Rama, Hanuman spent some
time here. Then it was called Kapiyoor (The village of the monkey). Later over time the
name became Kaviyoor.(the village of poets).(an exactly similar story is told about the
Shiva Linga of Rameswaram temple, except , it is told that Sita fashioned the Linga out
of sand and after coming with a Linga from Kasi, Hanuman tried to break it.)
The hanuman temple inside the Shiva temple is considered as very important by
devotees. Hanuman idol made of Panchaloha has the Hanuman who told the story of
Ramayana to Goddess Sita in the Asoka Vana. People believe that by doing
Pandhirunazhi in this temple and by offering beaten rice to Lord Hanuman, their wishes
can be completely fulfilled.
There is a ten day festival starting with thiruvadira in the Shiva temple and Hanuman
Jayanthi(Moolam of Dhanu month-November-december)) is celebrated in the Hanuman

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