Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mithrananda Puram Temple, Trivandrum

Mithrananda Puram Temple Complex
This temple is actually a collection of temples and is situated very Near Padmanabha
Swamy temple, Trivandrum. In side this compound there are temples for Lord Shiva,
Lord Krishna and Lord Brahma. Though initially these temples were under the control of
Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple, later this temple complex became independent. It is
believed that the Trimurthys conducted a great fire sacrifice here addressed to the Sun
God. Another name of Sun is Mithra. Since this fire sacrifice gave lot of happiness to the
Sun god, this temple complex is called Mithrananda Puram (The town which gave
happiness to the Sun) It is very interesting to note that the priests of Anantha
Padmanabha Swamy temple stay in Mithrananda Puram. It is also known that the Vedic
pundits, who assemble in Trivandrum, once in 12 years for Murajapam, stay in this
compound. From the very beginning, the administration of this temple was jointly done
by the Travancore and the Cochin kings.
The path in to the temple leads to the three temples. First there is A Vishnu temple
with a Garuda Statue just outside. Some people are of the opinion that this is in fact a Sri
Krishna temple. The idol is in a standing posture and carries Conch, wheel, mace and
lotus flower in his four hands. Ashtami Rohini, the birth day of Lord Krishna is
celebrated in this temple.
Next to the Vishnu temple is the temple of Lord Shiva. In the south western corner of
this temple there is a Ganapathy temple also. Shiva rathri is celebrated as a great festival
in this temple. Chanting of Rudram is supposed to be very dear to this God. Next to the
temple is a temple of snake, which is becoming increasingly popular.
Slightly behind the Vishnu temple is the Brahma temple. Temples for Brahma are very
rare in India. Possibly this is the only Brahma temple in India where pooja is being done
like any other temple. The Brahma statue is made of stone and has only one head. And
four hands. Inside the Brahma temple, there is a small Ganesa temple along with his
wives. The main form of worship of this Ganesa is to cover it with appam. The head of
Naduvil Madam, Trichur also has an ashram to stay here. There is a belief that this
temple for Brahma was consecrated here to ward of a Yakshi who was troubling
everybody. In the initial days, women were not allowed in this temple. Nowadays with
certain rules, they are allowed to enter this temple.
There is also A Krishna temple in the complex where it is believed Sage
Vilwamangalam has his Samadhi. This is contested because the Krishna devotees of
North believe that his Samadhi is in Mathura, near Brindavan. This temple is under the
control of Naduvil Madam, Trichur. In front of the main granite statue is a small metallic
statue, which is believed to be the one that was worshipped by Sage Vilwamangalam. It
is also believed that The Samadhi of the sage is below the Krishna statue. Here again
there is a Ganapathy temple attached to the temple.

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