Thursday, February 18, 2010


Kerala is truly the gift of Gods to India. With his perennial green beauty and it’s very
educated masses who truly believe in cleanliness, it stands out from other states of India.
There are two views on how it got its name. One view is that , it got its name from the
Chera kings who ruled it long time ago and another is that , Keralam simply means
“garden of coconuts”, which it truly is. Kerala is the land between the mighty Western
Ghats and the Arabian Sea, starting from near Trivandrum in the south to slightly north of
Kasargode. No where in Kerala either the sea or the mountain, would be more than 60-70
kilometers. This ribbon of a land is divided into the sandy beach, the hills and valleys and
the mountainous regions.
People professing Hinduism, Islam and Christianity occupy this land. Most of them
are very religions. They all have another religion too-the religion of cleanliness. It would
be extremely difficult to locate a Keralite who does not take bath in the early morning.
Most of the Hindus visit the local temple after bath wearing wet cloths. Except for one or
two temples in the entire Kerala, most of these temples are simple constructions without
much architecture. But any one entering these temples would be instantly transported to
the highly charged spiritual atmosphere there. . Most of these temples are very divine and
have epic stories associated with them. But nothing much about them is known outside
Kerala, except about Guruvayur temple, Sabarimala Temple and Ananthapadmanabha
Swami temple I Got hold of very good compilation about these lesser known temples
written in Tamil by Smt Uma Hariharan, a resident of Aleppy. Based on the detailed
information, I am trying to jot some notes about these temples in this web site. Being
busy with many activities, I may possibly be able to write only about 2-3 temples in a
month. Please bear with me

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