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Vadakkanthara Bhagawathi temple, Palakkad

Vadakkanthara Thirupurakkal Bhagavathi
in Palakkad town (Vadakkanthara Kavu) ..
This temple is located in Vadakkan thara locality of the Palakkad town. It is believed
to be a Kannagi temple.
Ithihyam (story)
Kannagi is the heroine of the famous Tamil epic –Silappadikaram. Her husband
Kovilan is wrongly sentenced by the king of Madurai to death. When Kannagi came to
know of this she asked for justice . The king realizing his mistake died instantly. In her
fury Kannagi burnt the city of Madurai and then came and settled down as a Goddess in
Kodsungaloore. But on her way to Kodungallore , she took rest under a fig tree In
Vadakkanthara, Palakkad. In the place where she took rest an idol was formed. Since no
roof was built over the goddess, she was called Thiru purakkal Bhagawathy. Even in
rainy seasons during heavy downpour along with wind none of the oil lamps burning in
front of the Goddess are disturbed or put out.. The serene atmosphere is always in our
mind when we go home after darshan of Devi.
There is another story that Lord Shiva created Kannagi along with Kannu kottu
Bhagawathy and Kannadathu Bhagawathy to kill Dharuka Kannagi after killing of
Dharuka, was born as a human being Called Kannagi, who burnt the city of Madurai as
told above. She came to Kerala along with her two sisters .A king called Keasari Verma
built a temple for all the three of them. Later it seems the Kannadathu and Kannu Kottu
Bhagawathy went and settled in a place called Pirayari, where the temple for Kannu kottu
Bhagawathi is still there. A temple was later built near Thirunallai village of Palakkad for
Kannadathu Bhagawathy. Only Kannagi remained in a place called “Nadu pathi mandil.”
Once when there was a war(Padayottam ) in Palakkad, the temple was shifted to the
present location.
There is yet another story that the idol of Kannagi was brought was brought to Kerala
by a group of People calleds Muthaan from Tamil Nadu,, when the Pandya king wanted
to marry Kannagi.The Moothaans are merchants Their caste deity is Kannagi. They have
also built a temple for her in a place called Moothan Tharai, in Palakkad itself.
In the month of Kumbam (February-March), the Vadakkanthara Vela is
celebrated.This is one of the famous festivals of Palakkad.
The Devi is very powerful and rush of devotees is large, especially on Tuesdays and
Fridays. The temples normally opens at 4.30AM in the morning with devotional songs
are broadcast through loud speakers It remains open up to 12 noon when the Ucha Pooja
takes place.Then the temple opens at 4 30 Pm and remains open up to 8.30 Pm
The Koottu payasam vazhipadu at Uchcha pooja is famous and the taste of the payasam
prasadam remains in our tongues for ever. .Hundreds of devotees make cheettu for
koottupayasam vazhipadu every day..
Another famous vazhipadu is kadhana - vedi - Daily at 7.30 AM, 11.45 AM and 6.15PM
(Evening the number of vedi is more - almost a hundred-) kadana is lighted and the
sound can be heard in many parts of Palakkad town.. Another vazhipadu is Vivaha
Festivals : Navarathri festival is very important..Many famous carnatik singers come to
this temple during Navarathri and sing in front of Bhagavathi..Sri Chembai Vaidyanatha
Bhagavathar used to find time in his busy schedule and come to this temple every year
without fail and render his kacheri in front of Devi..
Vijayadasami day is reserved for students of Palakkad Music Academi (Chembai Music
Academi) and other beginers - arangettam..
Another festival is Vadakkanthara Vela (Valiya vela.. This is celebrated once in three
years on the last Friday of Kumbha masam - Feb-March.. In the year of Vadakkanthara
valiya vela, all Fridays of Kumbah masam are important and cheriya velas with one to
three elephants, come to temple organised by many groups.. On Vadakkanthara valiya
vela day 9 or 11 elephants take part and the night vedikkattu is very famous.. The temple
is run by executive officer appointed by Govt Devaswom Board..
There are other three temple in a row here.. They are Krishna temple, Ayyappa
temple and Siva temple..The Ayyappa and Siva temples are in Vadakkanthara Gramam..

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