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Kadunthuruthi Mahadeva Thali Kshethram

The temple where the priest saved the  Linga  when there was a fire (300 years back)    by embracing it and giving away his life

Kaduthuruthi Mahadeva Thali Kshethram
Kaduthuruthy-Thaliyil Mahadeva Kshetram ( temple ) is  lesser known to pilgrims than the other two temples Vaikom and Ethumanur  . It is believed  visiting these triad of temples  before Uccha (Noon) pooja is considered to be auspicious. This temple is situated on a small hillock and compared to the  other  temples and  it is  smaller in size.  The Sivalingam here is only  3" in size and faces east.
The temple is situated mid-way between Vaikom and Ettumanoor. Kaduthuruthy is a small town, the northern and western parts of which are spread over by Vembanattu backwaters. During the tenth century this place was under the administration of Pandya Kings. However, it was divided into Vadakkumkoor and Thekkumkoor. Kaduthuruthybecame the headquarters of Vadakkumkoor dynasty. The rulers were the supporters of Zamorins. When Marthanda Varma conquered Vadakkumkoor, he showed respect to the rulers by giving them pensions. Gradually this dynasty
 was declined and  was  removed from the pages of Kerala history

The name might have derived from “Kadal thuruthi (intrusion from
sea). But it is believed that as asura called Khara got three holy Lingas from Lord Shiva.
He took one each in his hand and the third one by biting by his mouth. He consecrated all
these three Lingas in Kerala. The Linga which carried in mouth by biting is supposed to
be consecrated in this temple .Kadichu iruthi (he consecrated them after biting) must have
been the original name. The present temple is on a hill top and faces east. The temple is
under the administration of Travancore Devaswam board. The other two lingams which
are smaller are believed to be consecrated by Khara in Vaikom and Ethumanur.
It seems once this temple caught fire about 300 years back . The priest simply embraced the idol and died inthe fire rather than allow it to be spoiled. His statue is also consecrated in the temple.
Apart from his statue, the idols of Yakshi, Durga and Ganapathi are also found inside the
AS mentioned above since   there is  belief that if one can prostrate in the three idols at Kaduthurthi, Ethumanurand Vaikom on the same day, it would lead to fulfillment of all our wishes,  One
Vadakkum koor King who was a devotee used to do that till he became very old. Later
when he was not able to do that , he consecrated God of Ethumanur is the southern gate
and Lord of Vaikom in the northern gate. It is believed that if we visit Kaduthuruthi we
will get the benefit of visiting all the three shrines.
There is a festival of ten days in this temple. It does not have the grandeur of the
festivals of Vaikom and Ethumanur. Since several Namboodiri villages were surrounding
this temple, this temple was classified as a Thali temple.

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