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Harippad is a small town , which is about 15-20 km from Alleppy in Kerala, A great
temple dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya is situated there. It is believed that when Lord
Subrahmanya victoriously vanquished Tharakasura and Soora Padma and was returning
back he was received in this place with Music by Lord Vishnu. So this place was called
Hari Geetha Puram and possibly( in the river near Pathiramanal Island and ) was called Hari
pattu (song of Lord Vishnu) in Malayalam or it may have got its name from the “Vishnu
Pada “ in the eastern gate of the temple (Hari Padu-Vishnu’s marks) . Some people are of
the opinion that it has nothing to do with God but Harippad may have taken its name
from” too much of rice”
It is believed that this temple is 3500 years old and was consecrated by Lord
Parasurama Himself. There are several inscriptions in this temple in Tamil. The temple
got fire and was reconsecrated about one hundred years back.
There is a story that after building the temple the Namboodiris were in search of a
proper idol to consecrate here. One of them was ordered in the dream to go to
Kayamkulam and visit a pond (there,. He was told that a garland would be floating at one
spot and if he makes a search there, he would get the suitable idol. The Namboodiris went
there and got an Idol of the present God with four arms, one arm holding a Vel, another
Vajrayudha, one showing the sign of blessing and one hand touching its thigh, This idol
was brought and consecrated on the Pushya(poosam) star of Makara Masa(Thai maasam-
January-february). This day is celebrated as the founding day of the temple every year.
Apart from Subrahmanya, the temple also has the idols of Maha Ganapathi and
Dakshinamurthy. People believe that that the Subrahmanya idol has the Sannidhya
(presence) of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Several peacocks wander in this temple
The major offerings in this temple in called Thula Payasam in which rice, green gram
dhal, jaggery coconuts, ghee, banana fruits(kadali) , black grapes, sugar candy ,
cardamom etc are added. Apart from this Kadum Payasam (strong Payasam) , neyyappam
, Paal payasam , Vellai Neivedhyam , Payasam made of coconut milk Panchamrutham ,
Ilai adai etc are also offered to the God. People offer a garland made of lime fruits to
Lord Subrahmanya,
There is a story that a rich Brahmin who was a great devotee of Lord Subrahmanya
was not blessed with any children. He transferred all his properties to the temple and
went outside the temple by the western gate and committed suicide .From that day , the
western gate is kept locked. To atone this , a temple has been built in Karu Nattu Illam
and every year the God’s procession passes by its front. But as soon as the procession
comes near the house, all music is stopped and only the sound of conch accompanies the
Out side the main temple , there is a original temple . Here the God is Velayudha with
two hands. This temple is called The Temple which is below (keezh thiru koil).
Getting there:
The temple is located just a kilometer away from Harippad town in Alappuzha
Nearest railway station: Harippad, about 5 km away.
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 85 km away from Alappuzha.

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