Thursday, February 18, 2010

Randu Moorthi temple, Alathur

Randu Moorthi temple of Alathur
Alathur is a big village near Palakkad town, There is very peculiar temple in this village
called Randu moorthi temple.(Temple with two gods) . In this temple there are two
goddesses both facing the west. One is Annapurni and the other is Mahishasura mardhini.
It is believed that this temple was established by Sureshwaracharyar, one of the chief
disciples of Adhi Shankara. This is managed even today by Naduvil madam, established
by him. It seems for a long time that the building around the Bhagwathi was incomplete
in spite of great efforts and people used to call it “pani theeratha kovil.”(the incomplete
temple.). It seems then suddenly , some Bhoothas constructed the entire temple in 14
days. The entire construction was done by granite stones.
The two Bhagawathis are in two different heights. The Annapurneswari is at a lower
height and Mahishasura Mardhini in the higher plane. While the Annapurneswari is a
swayumbu statute that of Mahishasura Mardhini is made of jack wood. She has eight
hands and holds all her weapons in those hands. Unlike other temples with idols made of
jack wood, here Chandhattam(painiting the statue with kumkum) is not done. In spite of
this the statue is not even slightly damaged
There is uthasava idol for this statue, for which abisheka is done. This idol is
surrounded the seven Durgas viz Brahmani, Maheswari, Koumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi,
Indrani and Chamundi..
The entire Ramayana has been painted in the roof of the mandapam of this temple in six
parts. In spite of no maintenance, these pictures look as if they were just painted.
Another peculiarity of this temple is that unlike all other temples in Kerala, in this
temple Brahmins are not allowed to sit in the Mandapam opposite the sanctum
In the month of Karthigai, there is a ten day long festival in this temple. In the Meda
masam (April-May) the foundation day is observed. On this day all the 4000 lamps
surrounding the temple are lit. It seems the oil for this used to come from the income
from the fields of a neighboring village called “enna Padam(oil fields).”.The temple is
open from 5.30 Am up to 10 Am and 5Pm to 8 Pm.

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  1. In spite of being from Mannapra, which is about 6 miles from Alathur, I never heard about this temple (Anju moorthy temple at nearby 'Mangalam' is more famous). Thanks for the enlightenment....