Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kuzhal mannam Visweswara temple

Visweswara (Siva) Temple – Kuzhalmannam
As you enter the Agraharam, the first on your right is Visalakshi Sametha Sri Visweswara
temple. Lord Shiva is the eternal remover of all obstacles and protector of mankind.
Propitiating the gods here will give benefits of longevity and good health.
Main deity is Shiva Linga facing east. Near the main deity is the shrine of Visalakshi facing
south. There are also separate sreekovils for Ganapathy and Subramania.
Ayyappa Temple is situated on south western side with separate compound wall. Here there is
no idol. Aavahanam is done on three stone oil lamps for Poorna Pushkala and Ayyappa. Behind
the lamps, there are stone idols of Sarparaja.
Main Offerings at Siva Temple
Rudrabhishekam and Dhara are the important offerings to Sri Visweswara. Manjal kappu,
Pattu paavadai, thali Chrathal and Swayamvara Archana are the important offerings to Devi.
Breaking of coconut is the favourite offering to Lord Ayyappa.
Important Festivals.
Navarathri, Annabhishekam, Thiruvathira, Thaipoosam and Sivarathri.

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