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Kariyam devi temple of Sri Karyam, Trivandrum

Kariyam devi temple of Sri Karyam,  Trivandrum
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   This temple of Goddess Durga is situated   near the Sri Karyam junction in the Trivandrum city, the capital of Kerala state . Her devotees consider as SArvabheeshta Pradhayini  . There is a story about the origin of this temple.
       People believe that the Goddess came here from KOdungallore    through   a  back water canal in a boat. Her security called Madan c also came along with her  sitting on the top most crest of the boat.  He is called Vallathala Madan  and  was given a position in the neighboring paddy field belonging to  the Panchal family. Along with her Nagaraja(serpant god) also  came  in the boat and he was worshipped in Kariyathu Kavu and the Goddess was worshipped in Keezhe  Karuam.
     Another legend says that there was a  devotee of Goddess Durga who had a ghouse at this place. It seems, one day he received three guests , one lady and two men, who wanted to stay in his house for one night. He was very hospitable and gave them sumptuous food. It seems that night all the three of them vanished and there was a great divine luster  in his house.A mysterious voice informed him that his guests were   Goddess Durga , Madan and Nagaraja   and they wanted to stay at that place., The voice also ordered him to build a Ambatheeradi Elankam(A huge divie v building). It seems though he consecrated them, he was not able to build a temple as ordered, . The task of building a temple was completed by his family later. In the main temple Durga and Ganesa idols were installed.  From the day the installation day used to be celebrated  every three years    for seven days. But due to quarrel in the family   this festival was discontinued and the temple became dilapidated. Again after forty years the devotees consecrated Vana Durga,  Shanthi Durga and Kali in that temple. In the eighties  tHe temple was rebuilt again and   regular festival in the Bharani  star of the Khumbam month.
     The temple is open from 5 Am  to 9 AM and 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM

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