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Udayanapuram Subrahmanyaswamy temple

Udayanapuram   Subrahmanyaswamy temple
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   This very famous temple is very near the famous  Vaikom Mahadeva temple  and the Kumaranallor Bhagwathi temple  . Devotes believe that a  visit to The Mahadeva temple is only complete after    visiting  Udayanapuram temple . The devotees of Palani Subramanya belonging to Kerala consider that a visit   to Udayanapuram is equivalent  to going on a pilgrimage to Palaani.
        There is a very peculiar story about the origin of the temple. It seems the  temple in Kumaranallore was built with an idea of making it a Subrahmnya temple and  Undayanapuramtemple , then known as  Udayanayaki puram was intened to house  the Bhagawathi(Goddess)  .But The Goddess BHagawathi wanted to stay in Kumaranallur  and the  temple  of Subrahmanya was   shifted to  Udayanapuram.  The temple town of Bhagathi was then onwards called Kunaran alla nallore(The good place where Subrahmanya is not there.)
    The God Subrahmanya in this temple has four arms and neither 12 nor two which are very common. The temple has   very large number of carvings ,  paintings  and statues carved of wood and stone.
   The Thaipoosam festival is celebrated in a very big way   at this temple.  Similar to Palani temple , large number of Kavadis are carried to this temple.  On the last day of the Brahmothsavam of the Vaikom temple. Vaikathappan comes to Udayana puram to see   his son., This is celebrated in a very grand way at this temple.  Skanda sashti   and Panguni uthram are also  celebrated  at this temple.
     On the Vaikathu Ashtami day Lord Subrahmanya from this temple goes in a grand procession to Vaikom ,
   This temple is only 2 km from Vaikom Mahadeva temple.

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