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Kaladi Trikaladiyappan(Krishna) temple and Sankara temple

Kaladi  Trikaladiyappan(Krishna)  temple and Sankara temple
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    Kaladi   previously known as Sasalam   is the birthplace of Adhi Sankara.  It is 7 km from Angamali, 22 km from Aluva and 7 km ftom Cochin airport and iss on the shore of river Poorna called as Periyar in Malayalam.There is an ancient  Krishna temple there as well as a modern temple of Adhi Sankara.
    Adhi Sankara was born to Aryamba and Shivaguru as a result of their prayers  at Vadakkunathan temple at Trichur. Adhi Sankara’s father dies even when he was  in the womb of his mother. This Krishna temple was the deity of his clan. This fact has been mentioned by Adhi Sankara    in verse 243 of his work Prabodha Sudhalkaram It seems when he was a little child, on the way to the periyar river to take bath, Aryamba fainted. The child Sankara not knowing any thing to do prayer Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna told him to draw a line in the earth with his feet and assured that the river would change its course.  The child Sankara drew a line in front of the Krishna temple with his feet    and  the river came to that place , which was very near to home of Sankara. Kaladi in Malayalam means “feet”    and it got its name because the Lord asked Sankara to draw a line with his feet. Fromthen on the Krishna at the temple was being called as TRikaladiappan (The god of holy feet.). It is also believed that Adhi Sankara as a boy composed the  “kanakadhara sthavam”   addressed to Goddess Lakshmi , to help a poor women,  indirectly trying to influence his Kula deivam-Trikaladoyappan. This  ancient temple is being maintained  with thehelp of   Sringeri Sarada peetam   as well   as the thekke Madam of TRichur , both of which were established by   Adhi Sankara. The temple is open from 5,30 Am to 11 Am    and 5.30 PM to  7.30 PM
     Apart from all regular poojas and Homas like all temples in Kerala   , Kanakadhara  sthava Yagnam as well as Sri Vidhya  Rajagopala Yagnam are performed at this temple.  Apart from Akshaya Tritheeya which is celebrated in the temple  , The arattu of Lord Krishna , in which The uthsava idol is dipped in the river is held during January first week.
    Naearby by in the river there   are two Ghats which are connected with the history of Adhi Sankara.  The “Mudala Kadavu”(crocodile Ghat) , is supposed to be the place where the crocodile caught the feet of Adhi Sankara and his mother gave him permission to  undertake SAnyana   and  another Ghat where  the funeral rites of his mother were performed by Adhi Sankara,.
   Near toi this Krishna temple the Jagadguru of SArada peetam Sringeri has built a temple for Adhi SAnkara, Goddess Sarada and Lord Ganapathi  near to the Krishna temple on the banks of Poorna river  in the year 2010. The Samadhi   of ARyambhga, the mother of Adhi Sankara is located at this   temple,.There is also a  SAnkara Sthamba Mandapam(in octoganal shape/built by Kanchi Kmakoti mutt)  And Veda Patasala along with a guest house attached to this temple. SAnkara Jayanthi   and Sarada Navathri festivals are   observed at this temple.
      Apart from these two temples there are several temples in Kaladi and nearby areas. Two km away from Kaladi is the Vellaman thulli Shiva temple , which was supposed to consecrated by Adhi Sankara;s father Shivaguru , The Nayathodu Sankara Narayana temple where Adhi Sankara is supposed to have worshipped Lord Shiva as Lord Vishnu . Karpilly Kavu where Shivaguru , the father of Adhi Sankara was the priest . There is also a Ramakrishna temple in Kalady maintained  by Ramakshna mutt.



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