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Trikodithanam Maha Vishnu temple

Trikodithanam Maha Vishnu temple

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(Temple consecrated by Sahadeva, the last of the Pandavas and a Divya desam)
    This is a temple built by Sahadeva , the last brother of the Pandavas.  Unlike the other four Pandava temples which are in Changanoor , this temple is inside the town of Changanaserry.(4 km from Changanasrry Railway station)  Ghatikas were centre of learning of ancient times. The devotees believe that   This place was called   Thiru Gatika Sthanam and there was a Gatika attached to the temple. Nammazhvar has visited this temple      and has sung the praises of the lord. The God here is alled Arpudha Narayana, There are only two Gadika temples of Vaishnnavism. They were located in Sholingur in Tamilnadu and Deva Priya in North India.Devotees believe that if a devotee stays in these gadika temples for 24 minutes(Kadika) , they would attain salvation. The inscriptions mention that this temple was located in Nandrulai nadu(Land of farmers)
       It is believed that when the Pandavas  each decided to consecrate their private idol in a temple, Sahadeva did not have any idol. So he decided to jump in to the fire when the time comes. When he was about to do it, the Arpudha Narayana it seems came out of the fire. People also believe that this was the place where Lord Vishnu appeared before his great devotee Rukhmangadha who was observing the Ekadasi penance in a very strict manner.
    The huge boundary wall (possibly built in seventh centaury)  around the temple supposed to be built by   the ghosts within a night attracts every one. It is a wonder of wonders that the stones for building the wall are simply arranged on each other and not pated by lime mixture  as  it is usually done. The main idol of Vidhnu is facing the east. Near the temple is the sacred  temple tank which gets its waters from five different springs. Each spring has a different colour of water and they all join together o make this tank, which is called Panchatheertham. Just outside the temple within its compound there is a hall   where people are addressed regarding religious matters.. There is an unusual statue adjoining it. The statue is of a man wearing a sacred thread lying  in a balanced form on a pillar. Only the hips rest on the pillar and he holds a conch  on his right hand. No body is clear as to who he is and what is the significance of this statue. The common belief is that he has committed a great sin and his atoning   for it. There are lot of statues and inscriptions in this temple. There are also wall paintings.
      There are many idols in the sanctum sanctorum. The main is that of Vishnu (adbutha Narayana) standing with four hands and holding conch, wheel, lotus flower and mace. This statue is made  in a black stone.tHere is Uthsava statue and another statue of God for regular worship. There is another stautue of Bhama Narayanan or Radha Narayanan also, In the sanctum itself there are statues of Ganesa, Lord shiva and Lord Dakshinamurthy. Since there is no separate door for these idols, they can be viewed through a window like opening on the wall..There is also a separate temple for Lord Narasimha murthy inside the sanctum itself.  Outside the sanctum there   are separate temples for Lord Sastha and Lord Ganapathi. In the compound there is also a very old jack fruit tree , with very many  bents. People believe that the Adbutha Narayana came out in this place. There is a separate statue of Nirmalya Murthy believed to be Lord Vishvaksena.
     There is a ten day festival     in the month of Vruschigam in this temple. On the ninth day a huge lamp constructed by banana stem and arecanu leaf sheath. The lamp when lighted burns the entire night. While some people believe that this represents Lord Shiva who came there in the form of fire on Karthiga day , other believe that it represents the fire from which sahadeva got his statue.Ashtami  Rohini, the birth day of Lord Krishna is also celebrated in this temple. The temple is open from 5 Am to 11 Am and 5 Pm to 11 Pm.

 Childless couple  who are offer prayers at this temple are believed to be blessed with children.This is followed by organization of a Kathakali program. There is also another prayer where God is offered 12000  Banana fruits , half of which are distributed to the devotees. Every Saturday is an important day at the temple.

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