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Perunna Murugan temple

Perunna  Murugan  temple
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     Perunna murugan temple is located in the small town of Kerala called Changanaserry  which is 23 km from  Kottayam town.
       The Form of Subrahmanaya is   that of furious Deva SEnathipathi.  The idol looks furious and holds his spear pointing downwards . People believe that this form was assumed immediately after the  Lord Subrhamana killed Tharakasura. The  idol is five fewet tall and is consecrated on a lotus platform. .It is made in black stone.
  There is a story behind this temple.  It seems in  a village called Uppizhi in Kerala    there was a great Subrahmanya devotee called  Kumaran Namboosdiri. Like all  other Keralaites he was a great devotee of Palani Murugan. Once when he went to the Palalni temple, it seems he felt home sick. It seems Lord Muruga came in his dream and told him that  “You can find my statue in the river Kodumthurai. You recover that and consecrate it in Perunna”. Kumar Namudiri obeyed the order of God    and the Perunna temple was established. The idiol was consecrated in the year 753 AD in the tenth  day of  Meenam month. It seems that as soon as the idol was consecrated,  it was completely covered in Sun light. Every year this day is celebrated as the Consecration day . Every year the same miracle of Sun covering the statue happens.
      There is huge tank in this temple which is believed to contain large number of Saigrama satones.  Five Edangazhi(A measure of Kerala)   rice is cooked every day   and is offered to the God. Tuesday is considered as a special day to worship God  here.  The God is worshipped five times a day. Karthika I festival,  Thai poosam  , Skanda SAshti  , Soora SAmharam etc are celebrated in this temple. During Kartiga festival   which is celebrated  for thirteen days. The God is anointed with milk every day. Aravanai Payasam   is offered to the God.

  In the year 1936, for the first time in Kerala , this temple was opened for all the devotees by the Travancore king. Hearing this , it seems Mahathma Gandhi visited this temple and offered worship here.

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