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Malliyur Maha Ganapathi temple

Malliyur Maha Ganapathi temple
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     Malliyur is a small village  23 km for Kottayam .The nearest railway station is Kuruppanthra  in the ERnakulam –Kottayam route.
   The form of Ganapathi  consecrated here is known as Bheeja Ganapathi , trunk  carrying a lemon twisted  towards right  and holding in his arms Axe, Horn, rope and Laddu and keeping baby Sri Krishna on his lap. Because of this he is also termed as Vaishnava Ganapathi.
   CEntuaries back  a saintly Namboodiri is supposed to have brought this  idol from North  India and consecrated here. Intially the temple had only a thatched roof. A YYakshi and Anthimahakalan (Hunter form of Lord Shiva) also have been consecrated   at this temple, as they were the family deities of this Namboodiri. The temple was administered by two Namboodiri families-Aryappally and Vadekkadam.  Though  these families flourished initially they became to poor and  unable to manage this great temple. Once more some other family tried to rebuild the temple but their  effort to maintain the temple ended up in a failure. Again about 50 years back another Nambudirui family  tried to rebuild it.  Again failure was  peeping at them . Then Deva Prasanam was done and they found that The Goddess Durga also wanted to be consecrated  in the same temple. Brahmasrio SAnkaran Namboodiri who was trying to rebuild the temple at that stage  Started readsing Bhagawatham in front of the deity. When this was done they realized that sacredness was getting infused at the temple. Apart from the already existing Gods , he also consecrated a Brahma Rakshas and Sastha in that temple.
    The temple remains open from 5 Am to 11,30 Am and then  from 5.30 P.M to 8 PM. Vinayaka CHathurthy , Makara Vilakku Chirappu(festival)  and a ten day  uthsavam in the Meena   masam ending on Vishu are celebrated at the temple. On second Sundays of Malayalam month there is a Bhagavatha Parayanam. The temple also conducts a  two month long music festival , starting on first of Vruschigam every year.

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