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Perumkulam south village Sri Krishna temple

Perumkulam  south village Sri Krishna temple
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  Perumkulam is an aghraharam of Tamil Brahmins 23 km away from Palakkad in the Palakkad-Guruvayur route. The Sri Krishna temple there is being maintained by the Tamil Brahmins.
    There is interesting story about this temple. It seems there was a Namboodidiry family called Varikkasery Mana near by.  Their family deity was Lord Krishna. Once one hand of the deity was broken. The chief of the family   thought he should replace the broken idol and arranged a new idol  to be prepared. But once he was ready for consecration, he had a dream  in which Lord Krishna asked him, whether he would throw away his son  if his hand is broken. Then it seems The Nambooddiri asked the God what  to do with a new idol It seems God told him that some people would approach him and request for the new idol. At that time a prominent person in Perumkulam had a dream in which the Lord instructed him to approach  the Varikkaserry Mana for getting the new idol for the temple they were planning.  The present idol  is the one they got   From that Mana. There is als a Ganapathi shrine in the village in the same temple. The temples re open from 5.30 Am to 9 Am and  5PM to 9 PM.

   The temple celebrates a Brahmothsavam from  15th February to 15th march , every year.

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