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Elakunnampuzha Subrahmanya temple

Elakunnampuzha Subrahmanya  temple

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    This subrahmanya temple is located 22 km from Parur(BVadakkan Parur) , a village near Alwaye town. Devotees believe that The Lord Subrahmanya of Thiruchendur has been consecrated here ,
    It seems long time ago the idol of  THiruchenduyr was damaged. As per the custom, the idol which had four hands   was put in the sea and a new idsol was consecrated there. It seems this idol  washed by the ocean  reached an island near  Elakunnam puzha. A   wood cutter lady who went there started sharpening her knife on this idol. It seems blood started oozing out  and she lost her conscience When she woke  up it seems, she ordered   the people , under influence of the God,   to shoot four arrows in the four directions of the idol.. They were  also  told that land  enclosed by the points where these arrows strike would belong to the temple. Finally she  told  them to shoot the fifth arrow to find out where the temple has to be consecrated. But when those versed in Agamas examined the statue ,m, they found that itt was damaged below the hip.  On appealing to God they were told  to retain the stone idol till the hip and build the portion below the hip with Pancha lohas. Initially small temple was built which was expanded  the Cochin kings and the rich people of that area.
     The people of Kerala believe that this is Thiruchendur temple itself. Here in this temple  Skanda Sashti , Thaipoosam, and Vaikasi Vishakam  are celebrated  in a grands fashion.


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