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Achan Koil Dharma Sastha

Achan Koil Dharma Sastha
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    Achan koil is a place which is  30 km from Shenkotta and 40 km from Punalur and is one most important five important  temples of Lord Ayyappa , consecrated by sage Parasurama   himself  in Kerala. The place is also in the junction between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  The Dharma Sastha here   is with his two wives Poorna and Pushkala.    The God is addressed as SAtsha or Arshan or Andavan.Here women are given free entry in to the temple unlike Sabari Mala.
    Along with  the Dharma Sastha , the temple also has   other gods. The most important is the Achan koil karuppan who is the security guard of Ayyappa.  There  are two important festivals in this temple. One is  wo days prior to the Mandalabhishegam day , when a car festival is held at the temple. There is a story of a golden sword    which was sent by Lord Ayyappa of Kantha Malai to this temple. That golden sword is exhibited during the car festival. The other festival is to honour Swami Krishnaji who has done great service to the temple. There is also a ten day festival   in the month of Dhanu.This   is celebarated on the Revathi star  in the month of Thai.  The temple is  in the middle of the forest and is not easily approachable to the Kerala Pilgrims but relatively better approachable from Tamil Nadu.
    The water in the temple well as well as the sandal paste  from the left hand of Sastha   idol are supposed to  be very powerful antidotes for   snake poison.

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