Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kirathamurthy temple ,Pallasanna



Probably many people knows only MEEN KULATHTHI  KAVU(TEMPLE) of Pallassana because of it is made famous by Tamilians and others who goes to the temple especially to ward off enemies, frequently. However the are many more temples in the small and less famous place of PALLASSANA in Palghat District of KERALA STATE For example there is one temple called PUTHIYA KAVU mostly frequented by NAIR CASTE people, LORD SHIVA TEMPLE of KIZHAKKE GRAMAM ( EAST VILLAGE ) , LORD SANTHANA GOPALA KRISHNA SWAMY TEMPLE OF PATINHERE GHRAMAM (West Village) , both manned by Tamil Brahmins where NATTI AMMAN is also placed. As far as NAATTI AMMAN is concerned, I do not know about the origin. I feel it  was worshipped by original inhabitants of PALLASSANA who worshipped  this deity which brahmins also worshipped due to fear or they brought this deity after proper AAVAAHANA of their family deity (KULA DAIVAM) who must be MOOKAAMBIKA or some other deity. I leave it to experts on the subject. There is also a famous temple called KIRATHA MURTHY TEMPLE which is mostly frequented by NAIRS of the locality on whom  I am writing this essay.  KIRATHA MURTHY IS BLACK IN colour which form is only black of LORD SHIVA. The story can be seen IN KIRAATHAARJUNEEYAM in MAHABHARATHA.  In this one will find LORD SHIVA taking the AVATHAARA of a hunter and blessing Lord ARJUNA with PAASUPATHA who became the devotee of SHIVA . The Idol is facing towards east and thrikala Pooja (3 times Pooja) is conducted. At this temple.    There is a common belief that if we are successful in getting a work done 1200 coconuts are broken to KIRATHA MURTHY, The UPADEVATHAS are VIGNESWARA and KAATTIL BHAGAVATHI i.e. NANDA DURGHA  There is  peculiar  custom in this temple. The children who attain 5 years old on THIRUONAM day are brought to the temple and made to stand before the deity and made to beat each other ones which will be witnessed by the MOOSAD who is the PALLASSANA’S HEAD at 2 O’clock in the afternoon. The festival  of the temple starts on the month of MESHA months 10th day.The PALAKKADs famous KNYAR KALI is performed. On first 4 days it is performed in the house of PATHYYATTIL MOOSAD’ S ILLAM (HOUSE). This temple was once  owned by eight caste people. They are CHERUMAN, ANDI , KURAVAN, MANNAN, POOSHAARI,CHAKKILIAN, VALLON(MALAYAN), and PARAYAN . Now there are 99 Nair families and Moosad’s house around the temple which is nearby PUTHTHJEN KAVU which is  owned by the NAIRS. This BHAGAVATHI is said to be related to KOTUNGALLUR BHAGAVATHY. 
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