Friday, June 26, 2015

Chelamattom Sri Krishna swamy temple

Chelamattom Sri Krishna swamy temple 
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    This  is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Krishna on the road connecting Kalady  and Perumbavoor, through the main central road. This temple has the distinction of having Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha and Lord Vamana  and Durga Devi in another adjacent temple ,Lord Krishna and Lord Narasimha are in the meditation pose.The periyar  river  here flows from west to east near the temple and so it is called Dakshina Kasi   and is considered sacrosanct for worship of our manes(Pithrus) , On the  new moon days(amavasya) very large number of people   gather for doing pithru  karmas.A thila Havanam (Thila homam) to please the PIthrus   is performed in this temple on the day by the chief priest himself.

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  1. Nice temple. Beautiful place to visit. I was there last summer and couldn't miss this temple. So If someone is planning a trip then here are a few more places to visit Kollam.