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Anchumana temple , Padivattam, Edapalli

Anchumana temple  , Padivattam, Edapalli
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     This temple is sitauated near edapally town of kerala which is near Ernakulam city near the Cochin bypass road. This temple has   temples   for three goddesses  Bhvanesawri, Annapoorna and Bhadrakali .Goddess .While Goddess BHuvaneswari grants prosperity and mental peace  , Goddess Annapurna blesses with long  and happy married life  and BHadrakali removes all problems caused by evil spirits.There are also several other Gods consecrated in this temple. They are Lord Ganapathi  , Lord Ayyappa,  , Lord Subrahmanya  , Nagadevathas, Lord Guru  ,Hidimba swamy  , Lord Hanuman  , Brahma Rakshas , Kandakarna swamy  and Arukola, the last three being folk gods. This temple was initially managed by  A nambuydiri family but  since they found it difficult , it is now managed by  Viswakarma  Dharmosharana samajam.(Viswakarmas are skilled artisans like carpenter, goldsmith, mason, black smith etc)

  Every Monday Vivaha sooktha pushpanjali is offered to Goddess Annapurna. iT is believed that those who participate would get married quickly.Guruthi Pushpanjali (also called Raktha Pushpanjali0 is offered to the Goddess   on Sundays, tuedays and Wednesdays, which is expected to solve all the day to day problem of the devotees.Nirapara with dasapushpam (ten flowers) and Samrudha vriksha leaves are offered  on the first of Chingam month  for getting prosperity ,Mass prayer is offered to Goddess BHuvaneswari   on all Friday evenings.After Usha pooja(morning pooja)   on Tuesdays and Fridays , devotees chant Lalitha Sahasranama. The chief thanththri of the temple performs a Thanthri pooja at   the temple   on the last Tuesday of every Malayalam month.During Navarathri Goddess BHuvaneswari is dressed up like Goddess Saraswathi and Visdhyarambham for tiny tots is conducted ,From first of Vruscigam there is a long festival at the temple for 41 days.On the first five days there is THalapoli and on all days the Goddess BHuvaneswari visits all villages round her   accompanied by  five elephants. On the last 7 days of this festival the temple is closed. The worship afterwards is resumed with the worship of Kandakarna swamy . During the month of Kumbham “Anguruthy” festival to Goddess Bhuvaneswari is celebrated .Thai poosam festival is celebrated in the Subramanya swami temple  .Special pooja for the Guru Swamy is conducted   by the chief Thanthri on the last day of Thulam month .The temple is open from 5 Am to 8 PM,This temple is sitauated 22 km from Amritha hospitals in Cochin.

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