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Thiruvallam Parasurama temple

Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple

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         The only temple dedicated to Lord Parsurama, the creator of Kerala and a major Avathar  of Lord Vishnu   is lovated in Thiruvallam in Trivandrum town. It is about 6 km  from the Trivandrum station. People believe that the temple is very ancient . Even the present day g historians believe   that is about 1000   year old.
      Lord Parasurama, the 6th incarnation of Maha Vishnu   is considered as a Chiranjeebvi (that is a person   who does not have death)  .The Temple   due to its ancient nature   is a protewcted monument.The temple is located  in the triveni Sangamam of three small rivers Karamana , killi and Parvathiputhanar..It is believed that  when Vilvamangalathu SAmiyar came in serach of the Padmanabha SWamy temple , He saw a huge idol of Padmanabha   , with his head in Thiruvallam and feet   in THirupappur.The saint was awe struck and prayed the God to reduce g his size and the God did to the present form which is consecrated in   Ananthapadmanabha swami temple  .Devotees believe that   their pilgrimage   to Trivandrum would be complete only if the visit the  Three temples of located in east fort (padmanabha swamy)  , Thiruvallanm and Thirupappur in the same day.
      Apart from the main temple of Parasurama , the temple also has sub temples for Lord Shiva as well as Lord Brahma. There is also the feet   print of the God , worshipped by  Parasurama , which was  consecrated and  worshipped by ASwathama  , the disciple  of Parasurama, The temple  of Parasurama with an axe    and separate trimurthy temples    as sub temples in the temple, which are believed to be consecrated by Lord Parasurama  himself. There is also a shrine for Veda Vyasa in side the temple , where students come and pray   for getting good results in the examinations.
      Devotees believe that Adhi Sankara performed the Bali for his mother at this temple after her death. Because of this Pithru Tharpanam  performed at this temple is considered   as special. On the new moon day(Amavasya)  of the month of Karkidaga(July –august)    very large number  of   devotees visit the temple to give Bali to their ancestors. Similarly the Amavasya day   of month of Makara(January-February )  is  also considered important for this purpose.Parasurama Jayanthi also   celebrated  in the temple  in a grand scale.

    The temple is open   from 5 AM to 11 Am   and 4 PM to  7 PM.  The telephone number of the temple is  0471-2380706.

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