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Pachalloor Bhadra Kali temple, Trivandrum

Pachalloor Bhadra Kali  temple, Trivandrum

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      This is a famous  BHadrakali temple situated 7 km from Trivandrum on the  Trivandrum-0Kovalam route. It is also referred to as Pachalloor CHudukadu (cremation ground)  Bhadrakali. It is supposed to be a very ancient temple and  is included in the list of   64  Shaiva holy places  in Vizhinjam.   But there is an interesting story about it. There  was a learned Acharya , who was the head of    the famous Valiya Vila family    which was located  in this area.  One day when he was returning home  he saw two old and tired ladies sitting   in the shade  of the banyan tree .When the gentleman enquired with them, they tld him that they are   from Kodungallore .Seeing that they are very worn out he offered them Tender coconut, Puffed rice and  banana   fruit. When he reached his home he saw one of those old ladies   sitting in the pooja room of his house. But next day morning she had disappeared but  in the place where she was sitting , there was a glowing lamp filled with ghee . The Goddess     from then on used to give  Darsan to   the head of that family once in a while from then on. And that house was later  made in to the temple of Pachalloor . There is also a story that  after Bhadra Kali killed  Dharikan , she   was greatly angry    and no one could pacify her .Lord Shiva who was  her creator pacified her    and made   her to stay  in Pachalloor so that  she could take care  of her devotees.  There  is also a belief that  the old lady from Kodungallore who became goddess  there  is Kannagi herself .During festivals the story of Kannagi is sung at this temple.

      In the temple the Goddess has a peaceful form and  faces north., There are temples of Ganesa, Sastha   nd Nagar(serpents) in the temple compound. There is also a temple for Kanda karnan   below the banyan   tree    in the temple.  He  is believed to be the brother of the Goddess  There is daily worship in the evening.Tuesdays, Fridays and  Sundays are more important.  Tender coconuts , Puffed rice and fruits are generally offered to the Goddess. Kadum Payasam (Very sweet jiggery kheer)  is another important offering. The temple   opens at 12 noon, closes at 2 P.M and again opens   at 5,30 Pm and is open upto 8.30 PM  There is Deeparadhana at 1.30 PM, &.30 PM   and 8 Pm. On every first day of the Malayalam month   the temple is open from 5.30 Am in the morning .

    One of the important  forms of worship of the Goddess  is Nercha thookkam.This consists  of  Devi Dasans  hanging on a bow   carrying a child   and  doing  a round of the temple. There are no restrictions of caste , religion or creed for this form of worship.The web site of the temple says,
“There are many unique features about the customs and pooja rites followed in this temple for years. The poojari (priest) is from the ‘Kolla’ community. The heavy rope for the ‘Nercha Thookka Villu’ comes from a family from the Ezhava community and the ‘Katcha’ comes from the ‘Mannar’ community. Carpenters from the ‘Aasari’community make the ‘Thookka villu’. The ‘Chanam’ is brought by a family from the ‘Araya’ community. The ‘Parikarmi’ are people from the ‘Thattaar’ community before whom ‘Panam’ (cash) is offered on the ‘Pallippalaka’ on the first day of festival. The drums (Chenda) accompanying Devi are played by people from ‘Paanar’ community and people mainly from the ‘Thandaar’ community are the Devidaasas.
When the human race distances itself by building boundaries in the name of caste and religion, people become members of one family in front of the ‘Boon-giver’Pachallooramma. They are devotees, children of Pachallooramma.”

    This ritual is   on the seventh day of the festival of the temple  which starts on the Makeeram day of the  month of Kumbha. The people who offer themselves to the ritual  starts penance  from the first day of festival itself. The devotee is hung by the bow  , while he would be carrying a child  and villu would take one round  of the temple .Several children would be waiting for their turn and would continue   till the next day morning as people believe that once their baby  undergoes nercha thookkal, their future is secure On the eight day the ladies around the temple offer Pongala to the Goddess  The festival   comes to an end with Kuruthi Tharppanam  on the ninth day when Thatta nevedhyam is offered to the Goddess. There  is a you tube video on the temple festival –
You can see  large number of photos of the temple  in

   The temple can be contacted in e mail id . The administration of the temple is looked after   by Nair Service Society , Pachalloor, Trivandrum -27.

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