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Pavithreswaram Temple of Shakuni

Pavithreswaram Temple of Shakuni

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  The only temple of Shakuni the uncle of Duryodhana  is situated  in Pavithreswaram  which is  near   the temple of Duryodhana at POuvazhi in Kerala ,In side this temple is a very  artistic  stone throne of Shakuni. The temple has a  story of its own. It seems  before the Mahabharatha  war , all the Kauravas came here  and  divided the weapons among themselves. Because they  shared the weapons  , this place was called Pakutheeswaram which over time  came to be called  Pavithreswaram.It seems,  and  after the battle Shakuni returned here  and did penance to Lord Shiva and attained Moksha. There are no idols of Shakuni   in  this temple nor are poojas   or worship  or thanthric  rituals  are offered  to Shakuni.Tender coconut , silk asnd toddy are offered by devotees to please the God Shakuni here. THere are other  upa devathas  at this temple   which  include Bhuvaneswari  devi , Kiratha Murthi   and Nagaraja There are  two  groups of functionaries of the templr  called  OOralis  and  Piniyalis   .They have  a  main role in the famous  Malakkuda Mahothsavam   conducted at  this temple   which starts  on the 28th day of  Makaram month 

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